Leaders Always Look Toward
The Future.

The history of a company usually traces the life of a few men; the success of a company describes its capabilities.

Battipav was founded in the 1970s as a manufacturer of roller tile beaters for levelling ceramic tiles on floors.

With the addition of cutting machines to the range, a new challenge arose: the creation of submerged pumps, essential for lubricating the discs of electric cutters.

After about twenty years, Battipav is a leader in the submersible pump sector.

At the end of the 1990s, the company’s core business shifted, concentrating most of its energies on research, development and production of machines for cutting blocks, marble and bricks.





The resourcefulness of a company can also be seen through the evolution of its brand. The first Battipav logo, dating back to its foundation, represented a little elephant on the world; the quivering footsteps of the pachyderm recalling the vibrations of the JUMBO VARIOMATIC roller tile beater, an innovative product at the time for traditional laying on cement screed.


At the end of the 80’s this logo was accompanied by the design of the installer who is satisfied with his work thanks to the use of our machines.


Since the end of the ’90s the brand has acquired linearity and regularity, a mandatory change to keep up with the times.


After a long research with professionals of the sector, after 12 years, the company brand is revised in a more modern and professional key, giving life also to an integrated logotype on which the company will invest resources and energies to further distinguish itself on the world scene.


The new tricolor shield embodies Battipav’s corporate mission, based on providing high quality Made in Italy products.